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April 07, 2014 08:26 PM PDT
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Helen Simons JazzXpress

 Julian (David)Curwin,, guitarist, composer; b. Sydney, Australia, 14 January 1979. Julian started on violin at age 3. Around 1992, Julian started to play electric and acoustic guitar. In early 1998, Julian co-founded Monsieur Camembert, a band taking a modern approach to gypsy, klezmer and jazz styles. Their 2001 album 'Live On Stage' received an ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Award for Best World Music Album.

He also performs, composes and arranges with such groups as The Tango Saloon, Darth Vegas, The Fantastic Terrific Munkle, Gauche and Gl;tch Jukebox. In 2005, fifteen musicians came together to record the self-titled debut album, which was subsequently released by Mike Patton’s Ipecac label. The Tango Saloon is an experimental tango band based in Sydney, Australia. The band has since produced two more albums, Transylvania in 2008, and Shadows & Fog in 2012.

The sound of the group can be generally summed up as being tango meets spaghetti western, but there have always been many other elements, such as film scores, rock, gypsy, jazz and electronics.

In 2010, band leader Julian Curwin developed The Mango Balloon, a stripped-back chamber version of The Tango Saloon, with a lighter sound bringing lounge, exotica and continental jazz to the larger band’s tango/western blend. Aside from six members from The Tango Saloon, the recordings also feature special guests, bringing their own distinct flavour to the music – Volume 1 (2010) Eddie Bronson (from Monsieur Camembert) on clarinets, Volume 2 (2012) Brian Campeau on vocals and guitar, and Volume 3 (2014) Shenzo Gregorio on viola.

The triumph, though, is Curwin’s guitars which bridge Django Reinhardt with Metallica balladry and many Eurasian points in between.

Jazzgroove presents The Mango Balloon

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The Mango Balloon Volume 3 (Julian Curwin) REVIEW JOHN MCBEATH THE AUSTRALIAN MARCH 29, 2014

VOLUME three of Sydney guitarist Julian Curwin’s the Mango Balloon, a stripped-back version of his other band, the Tango Saloon, follows the precedent on volumes 1 and 2 of featuring a special guest. Here it’s violin and viola master Shenzo Gregorio. Musically, the approach is similar to Volume 2, with its strong connection to tango ideas and rhythms, albeit sometimes slightly bent. The collection is redolent of a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires. Although billed as containing elements of continental jazz, the style is firmly melodic with few improvised solos.

The opener, Perdita, sets the mood with Curwin’s Latino guitar meandering placidly. Marcello Maio’s accordion leads a waltzing High Noon — not the movie theme — and Gregorio’s viola sweeps into the theme on Cloud Town. Curwin’s compositions have a comfortable South American-Spanish familiarity and are all played with capable delicacy, from the filigreed piano lead of Habanera to the oompah-pah tuba and trumpet waltz of Frijoles Negros or, another waltz, Wake in Flight, featuring a strict tempo accordion.

A relaxed version of mariachi trumpet opens White Elephant followed by what sounds like a Hawaiian steel guitar. By the final track, Farewell, it’s not hard to envisage a mango balloon floating away to the accompaniment of a soft, chordal guitar and shimmering accordion. This is uncomplicated, accessible, melodic music in a serene Latin approach that will have broad appeal for an easy-listening audience.

LABEL: Romero/Newmarket

The Mango Balloon Vol 3 NEWMARKET/ ROMERO Records

DAN QUIGLY and his HOT FIVE, the music of Louis Armstrong and JMI LIVE.
September 22, 2013 03:31 PM PDT
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Brisbane based jazz trumpet player/educator & advocate Dan Quigley is also head of school at the Jazz Music Institute located at Bowen Hills Brisbane. Dan Quigley’s early childhood was enriched by the presence of jazz legends Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, John Scofield, Randy Brecker and the like. Greg Quigley, Dan’s father also plays the trumpet and toured these jazz greats to Australia for concerts and workshops while Dan was still an impressionable young child. Dan now in his late thirties, has been a professional trumpeter since he was 17. His trumpet playing displays a rich heritage of the jazz tradition. He has performed with some of Australia’s biggest names including James Morrison, Dale Barlow, Judy Bailey, George Golla, John Morrison, Tina Arena, Anthony Warlow, amongst many more. Among the many hats that Dan wears is as a band leader, he also has formed his latest band Dan Quigly and His Hot Five with student members from JMI - featuring Dan Cosgrove clarinet, Chris Bancroft banjo, Nick Quigly aka Arthur Vandelay bass and Alex Brindell washboard PENSIVE by Dan Quigly - Abbreviations Orchestra Listening Guide to West End Blues by Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five- Two Deuces (1928) Based in Brisbane, Jazz Music Institute (JMI) is a specialist jazz school delivering courses in jazz since 1997. JMI enjoys a reputation throughout Australia as one of the best jazz institutes in the country, producing graduates with the musical and business skills needed to thrive in the live jazz performance industry. JMI has the endorsement of Wynton Marsalis, the world-renowned jazz musician and educator and Managing Director of Jazz at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Here’s what Wynton had to say about JMI after the meeting: “This is one of the first jazz curriculums that addresses the entire fundamental range of jazz styles; from New Orleans to Bebop to Modern, it’s all there. Dan Quigley has developed a template that should be followed by schools who are serious about the study and performance of jazz music” JMI also runs its own live jazz venue – JMI LIVE! – where students and community alike come together in an intimate setting reminiscant of New York jazz clubs, to witness and partake in quality jazz performances. Jazz Music Institute’s (JMI) campus is situated at 47 Brookes St, Bowen Hills Qld 4006. Entrance to the rear of the campus can be accessed at 10 Exhibition St, Bowen Hills Qld 4006.
September 05, 2013 11:56 PM PDT
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"There are really only two great Australian soul and R&B singers: Renee Geyer and Tina Harrod... Harrod connects with the song more deeply than ordinary singers." - Sydney Morning Herald Tina was born in NZ of Fijian and Welsh ancestry and from her early days she was surrounded by a rich and varied musical legacy that sparked her passion for music and performance. In the late 80s, after moving to Sydney, Tina joined the legendary Jackie Orszaczky in his soul incarnation, The Grandmasters. In 2004 she released her first solo album ‘Shacked up in Paradise’ featuring Tina’s original songs, some co-written with Orszaczky. Four years later with the release of ‘Worksongs’ in 2008 Tina was recognized as one of Australia’s great soul & R&B singers. ‘Worksongs’ was Recorded live in one day, with her trio (Jonathon Zwartz (b), Hamish Stuart (d), Matt McMahon (p)). Rave reviews applauded Tina’s impeccable interpretation of artists such as Nina Simone and Nick Drake - with ‘Worksongs’ going on to win an Australian Jazz Award for Best Vocal Album. Then came her follow-up album ‘Temporary People’ tapping into the depths of vulnerability, charged with emotive power and fused with exquisite musicianship. Like many great artists, singer songwriter Tina Harrod, continues to push boundaries and blaze a path of her own. Now with The Revolution is Eternal Tina Harrod once again explores new territory with an album of original songs co-written with long time friend and collaborator, bassist/composer Jonathan Zwartz and the great LA pianist and Hammond organ player Larry Goldings, and produced by award winning composer and piano player Stu Hunter. “There is a cathartic element at work, so we are not so much eavesdropping on confessions as being granted insight into a personal experience of universal truth” John Shand, SMH about Temporary People "The Revolution is Eternal" - Tina Harrod What Becomes of People - Tina Harrod "Underneath Your Spell"
July 10, 2013 11:24 PM PDT
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Nadya Golski has been described as the queen of gypsy soul, Nadya has spent many years in Paris working with famous gypsy musicians, and her high spirited virtuoso band of musicians, the 101 Candles Orkestra will be in Byron Bay for one night only at the Byron Bay Community Centre, on 27th July. This is world music at its best. The Candles have been performing in and around Europe, across Australia, at Montreux, Edinburgh, Womadelaide, Cziget, Woodford, MONA and in Sydney at the Camelot Lounge. The 101 Candles embraces Poland, Russia, France, Spain and even South Pacific Island cultures with surprising twists of jazz and blues in English, woven magically into the vital and mysterious tapestry of a wonderful performance. The mandolin player, accordionist, trumpet player and mercurial base guitarist produce an alchemical mix of picquant melodies and spellbinding rhythms, with styles ranging from Slavic melancholia and Manouche inspired French Chanson embracing Piaf, to romantic waltzes, tangos and boleros, whilst alternating fast rhythms assured to get toes tapping and hands clapping. Nadya Golski the central personality and lead singer is renowned for her intense vitality and extraordinary vocal delivery, good humour, unpredictability and charm. She is a warm entertainer. The interesting thing about Nadya is her early singing background in the Pacific. Following teenage life in a highland village in PNG,she became a sort of super-star in her twenties, singing in pidgin and local dialect, being toured around PNG and the pacific by the Australian Government and this  is where she learned a lot of her extraordinary musicality and harmonies. Since then, Nadya has spent many years between Australia and Paris working with famous gypsy musicians and has acquired extraordinary vocal techniques which enrich her performance, giving it verve and magnitude. Nadya and Giga's 101 Candles Orkestra & Florin Gugulica "Woipa Woipa”! Nadya Golski with Roberto de Brasov Delem Delem For more information go to:
June 30, 2013 09:45 PM PDT
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Mamas New Bag is a band of fine musicians based primarily on the Gold Coast, Queensland,Australia. They play a wide range of 'blues' from Chicago,East Coast, Delta, R & B, to Swing and Jazz. The band members are Geordie Leach ,bass, Andrea Szabo, vocals, Terri Gascoigne, drums, and Ray G.Oliver on guitar. These band members have a diverse background in the Australian Rock industry. Some of the members have been long term players for Rose Tattoo, Moving Pictures, Renee Geyer Band, Black Feather and even played with or supported Elton John, Guns and Roses, ZZ Top and many other prominent Australian and overseas bands. Geordie Leach - In 1976 Geordie moved to Sydney and joined heavy rock band Rose Tattoo and toured Europe many times as well as the U.S.A. Geordie has recorded several albums with producers Vanda and Young and in 2006 was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame. He has his own recording business and many albums to his credit. Geordie is the solid foundation and glue that makes Mamas New Bag ROCK. Andrea vocals- Andrea is an accomplished vocalist, MC, Cabaret Entertainer and freelance artist. Mamas New Bag allows Andrea to showcase her extensive backlog of experience and craft. Known for her dynamic, genuine and versatile voice, she is a true entertainer that refuses to blend into the ordinary. Mamas New Bag - Live performance AUDIO recording Rose Tattoo - Rock N Roll Outlaw - written by and featuring Geordie Leach on bass Cooly Hotel 16th December 2011 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MAMAS NEW BAG CD LAUNCH AND MUSIC GO TO: Mamas New Bag Debut CD launch event - July 13th @ the Coolangatta Hotel​
June 28, 2013 12:05 AM PDT
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Based in Sydney, Australia, vocalist / pianist Janet Seidel currently enjoys a rare and enviable international reputation with 17 CDs released in Australia and also available in several other countries. In the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD 2006 (UK) she is described as “Australia’s first lady of jazz singing”. Janet has been nominated for prizes such as the ARIA Music Awards. Her album "Moon of Manakoora" won the Bell Award for Best Australian Jazz Vocal Album in 2006. Thanks to an episode of Glee where Janet's version of A Man and a Woman was used, her CD Comme Ci, Comme Ça is now a best seller. Janet has also been described by … US writer David Nathan from All About Jazz… " as a fortuitous blend of Blossom Dearie and Doris Day with an occasional nod to Julie London, although she is somewhat jazzier than the latter two. Like Diana Krall, she doubles on piano. Seidel has an exquisite, gentle, and agile voice and honours each tune she sings, irrespective of whether it's a classic standard, pop, or novelty song.” On the other hand she is revered by cabaret aficionados overseas such as in New York’s Cabaret Hotline: “I had heard so much about this delightful jazz star from Australia, but I was still not prepared for this awesome performance. I have never been so thrilled by a performer since Barb Jungr - this lady is amazing - such pure clean vocals!" Janet has been performing jazz oriented material and the Great American Songbook in particular since her High School and University days in South Australia in the 1970s. She has been fortunate to work with some great Australian jazz musicians in her various groups. Her first CDs made in the early 1990s feature some potent jazz content from artists such as Tom Baker, Ian Date, Paul Williams, Bob Gebert, Billy Ross and Col Nolan to name a few. Janet’s likes to tour with her jazz quintet, but more often now she travels with just her trio with excellent guitarist Chuck Morgan and her brother David on double bass. It was with this trio that her first forays into the Cabaret world were launched in 2000 with a kind of personal tribute show and CD “Doris and Me” which has played successfully in many theatres and venues around Australia. The latest success in cabaret has been the show and CD, Delovely, which features a selection of Cole Porter songs recorded live at Sydney’s Woodfire Cabaret venue. Janet’s groups have toured Australia several times and played most important Jazz Festivals around the country. Internationally she has toured to many countries including UK, USA, Europe, the Middle East and many South East Asian countries. Japan in particular has been a great success in the last few years with 8 CDs released there, with Janet booked to do many national tours since 2001 and she has been consistently named in the top 10 jazz vocalists in the Jazz Polls there. On her last CD Moon Of Manakoora Janet’s soft and sensuous vocals are framed by Chuck Morgan’s superlative work not just on guitar but more on ukulele. British writer Bruce Crowther notes, “his skill is startling”. The CD shot to No. 1 on the jazz vocal charts in Japan for 3 months in a row late in 2005. Back in Australia in May, this CD was named winner of the Bell Award for Jazz Vocal CD of 2006 at the National Jazz Awards in Melbourne. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JANET SEIDEL'S TOUR DATES AND MUSIC GO TO: FEATURED TRACKS: Sentimental Journey 2:54 Janet Seidel Doris & Me Lazybones 4:10 Janet Seidel And William Galison Love Letters My Attorney Bernie 4:02 Janet Seidel Dear Blossom Crazy World 5:59 Janet Seidel featuring Jo Chindamo (piano) Charade Tres Palabras 4:43 Janet Seidel Moon Of Manakoora Windmills Of Your Mind 3:49 Janet Seidel Comme Ci, Comme Ça Stunning cover by Australian Jazz singer Janet Seidel It's a mixed version of the Original French MOULINS DE MON COEUR and English version WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND.. Janet and her trio perform this Doris Day hit. Janet Seidel piano,vocals David Seidel bass Chuck Morgan guitar
May 06, 2013 11:41 PM PDT
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BEAUTIFULLY MAD Tony King and Kris Ralph (aka NINA VOX) are two of Australia's finest Singer/Songwriters producing a beautiful blend of Soulful Acoustic Jazz, Folk and Blues. ARIA award winner & Australian Songwriter of the Year in 2009 Tony King is back with Nina Vox and their Beautifully Mad 6 piece Band for the launch of their new Album SPIN. Tony has a reputation for setting fire to a 12 string with his solos while Nina Vox melts hearts with her rich, mellifluous voice. You will be taken on a breathtaking ride that recalls the beauty of James Taylor, some honey from KD Lang, a lyrical spice of Cohen washed down with some Waits-like humour. Throw in some New Orleans Grooves from their incredible band and you get a flame that licks at the heels of Folk, Blues and Jazz. Expect goose-bumps in the hauntingly beautiful vein of Luka Bloom, to the exotic tones reminiscent of Cassandra Wilson "Tony King is one of the country's finest guitarists" Jonathon Biggins "highly original, evocative and more-ish. In performance they are engaging, incredibly versatile and inventive, an altogether class act" Bob Connolly & Sophie B Raymond - MRS CAREY'S CONCERT Tony has also toured extensively as lead guitarist for Andrew Strong, the incredible singer from the Commitments. They also co-wrote an album together in Ireland called Gypsy's Kiss. The Beautifully Mad Band: SPIN Nina Vox - vocals Tony King - vocals and guitar Craig Walters - Sax and Flute Hamish Stuart - Drums Bill Risby - Piano Greg Royal - Bass George Washingmachine - Violin Rob Maxwell Jones - backing vocals BEAUTIFULLY MAD ft. TONY KING & NINA VOX 9:00pm, Thu 16th May, 2013 Blue Beat, NSW 27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="332" height="374">"/>
the catholics 8th album YONDER
April 08, 2013 02:13 AM PDT
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Described by Billboard Magazine as "an outstanding and imaginative Australian bassist and composer", Lloyd has appeared on over ninety albums, and is a three-time winner of Best Bassist in the Australian Jazz and Blues Awards. Lloyd is also a member of The Necks who are one of the great cult bands in this country - along with Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums). However his long-running group The Catholics, hailed as the Australian jazz dream team, have released 8 albums, all produced and predominantly composed by Lloyd, with three receiving ARIA Award nominations. The catholics have been winning friends with their infectious blend of strong jazz blowing with global dance rhythms for over twenty years, and Yonder is their eighth album produced by Lloyd Swanton. The catholics are: Lloyd Swanton acoustic bass/ Gary Daley piano accordion/Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone/ James Greening trombone,pocket trumpet/Fabian Hevia percussion,tres/ Jon Pease electric and acoustic guitar/ Hamish Stuart drums. On Yonder, piano accordionist, Gary Daley makes his recorded debut with The catholics. Says bandleader Lloyd Swanton "We've been exploring the interplay of guitar and slide guitar for twenty years, but when (slide guitarist) Bruce Reid became unavailable, I decided to set out on a different course. Gary's accordion brings a whole new tone to the band. He has a keyboard player's sense of harmony, but can also function as another wind instrument. Plus it's such an emotionally-loaded sound. I think people will hear a really fresh texture due to Gary's presence." There's a myriad of influences and feels on this album - Rocksteady, North African, Rhumba, Indian wedding bands, even a reggae version of the old standard "I Cover the Waterfront", The catholics' tribute to those great Trojan instrumentals of the '60s by artists like Don Drummond and Tommy McCook. If you've yet to encounter The catholics' music, you'll land yourself in a richly rewarding relationship, and if you're a fan who thought you'd heard everything they had to offer, think again, because this one is really different. “Their knack is being able to put a jazz spin on grooves from around the globe in a sunny, light-spirited way that belies the killer status of the players” Australian Financial Review For the past twelve years, Lloyd Swanton has hosted Mixed Marriage, a very popular radio program which examines crossings of jazz with other musical styles, on Eastside Radio in Sydney. LAUNCH GIG: THU 18 APRIL, 8:30PM - SOUND LOUNGE - SYDNEY For more info on The catholics visit Bugle Records Contact The catholics / Lloyd Swanton at FUSE Distribution (Aust) The Catholics - Walter Burley Griffin Published on 14 Nov 2012 Sandy Evans - Tenor & Soprano Saxes James Greening - Trombone Dave Brewer - Guitar Waldo Fabian - Electric Bass Lloyd Swanton - Acoustic & Electric Basses Tony Buck - Drums Sammila Sithole - Percussion From their self titled album. All compositions by Lloyd Swanton.
January 31, 2013 08:29 PM PST
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LEIGH CARRIAGE is one of Australia’s leading contemporary vocalists and songwriters. Leigh is also a leading contemporary music educator, lecturing at Southern Cross University since 1998. In 2009 Leigh was awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning by the Vice Chancellor. For the past decade, Leigh has been the coordinator of a Visiting Artists mentoring program for Women in Contemporary Music and more recently has developed an innovative website to promote this project. Leigh is currently enrolled in a Ph.D at Sydney University, researching Collaborative Composition and Improvisation. Leigh has performed at major festivals including the Monterey Jazz Festival (USA),Byron Blues and Roots Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, North Coast Jazz Festival and Melbourne International Women's Festival. Leigh's 2011 Spiegeltent performance at the Brisbane Festival mesmerised and captivated the capacity crowd. The new album Mandarin Skyline, was recorded in Sydney at Studio 301, this first original album features Australia's finest, Hamish Stuart drums, Jonathan Zwartz bass, Phil Slater trumpet, Matt McMahon piano, Sam Keevers piano , Steve Russell piano, and Matt Smith guitar. The album was mixed and mastered by Grammy winner Helik Hadar in LA. To co-incide with the release of Mandarin Sky, Leigh recorded a nine track jazz album Get Out Of Town, featuring Brendan Clarke on bass, Hamish Stuart on drums, Steve Russell on piano and Matt Smith on guitar, and beautifully mixed by Jim Kelly. Both albums have been released with Vitamin Records. Leigh's earlier releases include UNTIL in 2004 and ON IMPULSE a live acoustic album with Helen Russell on bass, Steve Russell on piano and Matt Smith on guitar. "Fans of Joni Mitchell will want to cast their ears upon the work of Leigh Carriage, a singer from Byron Bay, caught live with a drumless trio." John Shand music critic for The Sydney Morning Herald and author of Jazz - The Australian Accent. PERFORMANCE DATES Sydney: Wed 6 Feb Venue 505 8pm 280 Cleveland Street Surry Hills Byron Bay: Sat 23 March 8pm Byron Bay Community Centre Theatre, Johnson Street Brisbane: Sat 20 April 7pm Brisbane Jazz Club 1 Annie Street Kangaroo Point LEIGHCARRIAGE.COM.AU Leigh Carriage New York Minute Leigh Carriage - Until
The View from Madeleine’s Couch Brazilian / Latin / World Jazz / Vocal Jazz
October 08, 2012 07:03 PM PDT
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The View from Madeleine’s Couch Brazilian / Latin / World Jazz / Vocal Jazz Founders and musical and life partners Anje West (vocals) and Kym Ambrose (vibes), have made several trips to explore Brazil and its music. West and Ambrose say Brazil has taught them to live in the moment and to trust their instinct. Madcouch's music has taken them from hometown Brisbane to clubs in Rio de Janeiro and back again to some of Australia's biggest world, jazz & folk festivals. They have been on a quest, into the music, the language and the hearts of the people of Brazil. In late 2012 the band will return to Brazil for the third time to tour, write and record songs for the next album. Seductive, earthy, beautifully executed music that has traveled from the heart of Brazil to Australia. A 'mistura fina' of OzBrazilian jazz, samba & soul-bossa that weaves the unmistakably lush voice of Anje West with the vibraphone of Kym Ambrose and their band of musical brothers. The View From Madeleine's couch has released four cds: 2002 Self titled e.p. (independent) 2005 Tranquilo (Independent) 2007 Sabor e.p. (Independent) 2009 Casa da Boa Vida (Vitamin Records) For further gigs, news and music go to: The View From Madeleine's Couch - Bom Fazer JOIN The View Madeleine’s Couch – for their ‘Farewell for the Summer ‘ show. Anje and Kim will be away performing concerts in Rio with South American jazz heavyweights Marcio Bahia and Dino Rangel for three months having an amazing and extraordinary musical adventure. Don’t miss their final Brisbane show ! Thursday October 11 2012

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